Almut Möller

Frau Merkel goes to Africa

Domestic concerns over migration have sharpened Berlin's interest in Africa

Germany and the UK: Hints of a role reversal

The EU debate in Berlin has moved on to one that is more instrumental, aiming to work out what the Union can contribute to protect and empower Europe’s citizens to continue their lives in freedom, security, and prosperity. 

View from Berlin: Subdued shock

Political Berlin has been has been in a state of subdued shock following the Brexit vote

The swansong of Germany’s foreign policy president

Gauck’s commitment to bringing the German people into the conversation has helped to widen the space for a challenge to a stronger German role in European and international security

Has Berlin overdone the challenge of migration?

It is now time to look at the collateral damage that Berlin’s desperate attempts to bring numbers down have meant for the EU system as a whole