Almut Möller

The migration crisis is not just about Merkel

Take a look at the German party system – including the AfD’s role as largest opposition party – to understand the faultlines running under the chatter about Merkel

Berlin’s new language of compromise

European politicians have made an abundance of normative speeches on Europe, but few on the politics of cooperation. German leaders’ recent interventions hint at a turning point in this trend. 

Macron’s Charlemagne challenge to Berlin

Emmanuel Macron both lay down a gauntlet and held out a hand to Angela Merkel in Aachen. But the chancellor seized neither.

Views from the capitals: What to do about Turkey?

Can the EU-Turkey relationship be salvaged? Key EU capitals give their views

What next after the Rome Declaration?

In the aftermath of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, it is worth reflecting on Germany’s vision for the future…