What future for the transatlantic alliance?

How well does the transatlantic alliance still fit with the way that Europe and the United States now see their goals in foreign policy?

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Joe Biden described his mission for his trip to Europe this week as “realizing America’s renewed commitment to (its) allies and partners.” But what does this mean in practice? How well does the transatlantic alliance still fit with the way that Europe and the United States now see their goals in foreign policy? To find out, host Anthony Dworkin, senior policy fellow at ECFR, talks to Susi Dennison, director of ECFR’s European Power Programme, Jana Puglierin, head of ECFR’sECFR’s Berlin office, as well as Jeremy Shapiro, ECFR’s research director. They discuss what Europe and the US want from this week’s summit meetings and look at some of the striking results of ECFR’s latest public opinion poll across 12 European countries. Once the coronavirus crisis is over, how do Europeans see the EU’s role in the world?  

This podcast was recorded on 9 June 2021. 

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