The new German coalition’s roadmap for foreign policy

What does the German coalition agreement say about foreign policy issues, China, defence and security?

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On Wednesday afternoon, the German Social Democrats, the FDP and the Greens presented their coalition agreement. The long-awaited deal sets out the roadmap for the “traffic light” government for the upcoming four years led by Olaf Scholz (SPD). In this episode, Mark Leonard and ECFR senior policy fellows Janka Oertel and Jana Puglierin take a deep dive into the 170+ page-long document: what does it say about foreign policy issues, China, defence and security? What is in there about the future of Europe? And how do we see the transatlantic relationship developing in the new coalition? 

This podcast was recorded on 24 November 2021 

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Germany’s next chancellor Olaf Scholz, 11 October, 2021