NATO’s Vilnius summit: The highlights and the future challenges 

Mark Leonard is joined by Alex Stubb, Lykke Friis, and Camille Grand, to discuss the outcomes of the NATO summit in Vilnius.  

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This week, the leaders of NATO member countries gathered in Vilnius for the organisation’s annual summit. The summit addressed crucial issues and implications for international security. From Sweden’s accession to NATO and Ukraine’s aspirations for membership to new defence plans and security guarantees, this week’s episode explores the summit’s highlights and potential impact on the global security landscape.  

Mark Leonard welcomes Alex Stubb, former prime minister of Finland, Lykke Friis, former Danish climate minister and ECFR co-chair – all on ECFR’s board of trustees – and Camille Grand, former assistant secretary general for defense investment at NATO and distinguished policy fellow at ECFR, to discuss the outcomes of the NATO summit in Vilnius.  
What were the main takeaways from the summit? What led to Erdogan’s decision to greenlight Sweden’s accession to NATO? What did the alliance offer Ukraine? And what are the key points of NATO’s new defence plans? 

This podcast was recorded on 13 June 2023.    


Guerre en Ukraine et nouvel ordre du monde, by Michel Duclos 

The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera 

The Russo-Ukrainian War: The Return of History, by Serhii Plokhy  

Cover image:
Official photo of the NATO Secretary General and Heads of State and Government
Image by NATO

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