Keeping America close, Russia down, and China far away: How Europeans navigate a competitive world

Mark Leonard welcomes Jana Puglierin and Pawel Zerka to analyse the results of the latest polling report

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European citizens are adapting slowly to the new geopolitical landscape. But leaders have an opportunity to build public consensus on the EU’s approach to China, the US, and Russia. ECFR’s latest polling report – based on data from 11 EU member states – analyses what European citizens think about Europe’s place in the world and its relationship to these other powers. 

In this week’s episode, Mark Leonard welcomes the two authors of the report: Jana Puglierin, senior policy fellow and head of ECFR’s Berlin office, and Pawel Zerka, senior policy fellow at ECFR, to discuss and analyse their results. What kind of relationship do Europeans want with Russia? How do they understand China’s growing influence? And what do they expect from the future of transatlantic relations? 

This podcast was recorded on 14 June 2023.    


No Limits: The Inside Story of China´s War with the West by Andrew Small,

Homelands: A Personal History of Europe by Timothy Garton Ash

Time Shelter by Georgi Gospodinov

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