Europe Listens: Advancing green tech partnerships with Dhanasree Jayaram 

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Beyond the UN formats, countries around the world are forging hundreds of bilateral and multilateral agreements to advance the clean energy transition. India has emerged as a prominent player in these initiatives, with prime minister Narendra Modi describing his country’s potential in green energy as no less than a “goldmine”. Since 2016, India and the EU have set up new schemes to deepen their green technology partnership, and they could go even further. 

In this episode of Europe Listens, ECFR’s Rafael Loss and Jana Puglierin welcome Dhanasree Jayaram, assistant professor of geopolitics and international relations and co-coordinator of the Centre for Climate Studies at Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Karnataka, India. How do India and the EU benefit from cooperating on green technology, and what issues and potential obstacles should they need be mindful of? What role do grassroots initiatives and India’s private sector play in advancing its green transition? And what is the relation between democracy and climate action? 

This podcast was recorded on 22 March 2023.   

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