Human Rights

The price of principle

Attention turns once again to Sri Lanka this week as the country gears up for its parliamentary elections. The EU recently decided to stop treating Sri Lanka as a preferential trading partner. What does this mean for Sri Lanka, and does it affect the EU?s clout in standing up for human rights around the world?

Ignoring the outside world

Does it really matter whether Catherine Ashton’s travel plans include Haiti, Gaza or an erupting Icelandic volcano? There must be more insightful analysis, and less idle gossip, in press coverage of EU attempts to forge a common foreign policy

Europe et op?rations ext?rieures

Daniel Korski et Richard Gowan sur la strat?gie de s?curit? civilo-militaire de l?UE. L?Europe peut-elle passer de la rh?torique ? l?action?

Haiti: how many Europeans does it take to assess an earthquake?

Whether Bulgaria’s Rumiana Jeleva is the right person for the EU’s humanitarian job or not, Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake shows just how badly Europe needs someone to coordinate humanitarian assistance

Sri Lanka’s Choice, and the World’s Responsibility

Pity the poor Sri Lankan voter. As presidential elections loom on Jan. 26, the public is faced with a choice between two candidates who openly accuse each other of war crimes

Yemen: Europe?s next challenge

Terrorists plots and embassy shut-downs: Yemen received a lot of media attention over the New Year period. But now action, including by the EU, must replace the headlines

Europe?s road to a new Jerusalem

The EU?s new policy statement on Israel and Palestine is pretty good. Now Europe needs to use it ? and the money poured into Palestine ? as the basis for real change