European Power

A solar power plant in Spain

The Fit for 55 package: A diplomatic tightrope

The technical challenges of the European Commission’s ‘Fit for 55’ package are only part of the story. Diplomatic tact will be critical in preventing it from undermining the EU’s climate leadership.

An EU flag flies over the reichstag

Germany’s patriotism paradox

New polling shows that German citizens have begun to sour on the European project. If German politicians do not revise how they talk about Europe, this change could have disastrous consequences.

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez jansa

The dangers of Slovenia’s presidency

European leaders need to recognise the influence that Slovenia’s Council presidency could have on the EU debate on the rule of law. They should discourage the Slovenian leadership’s undemocratic tendencies.

Euro 2020 banner

The great game: A geopolitical Euros

If policymakers watch closely enough, football might just provide the perspective and insights they need to advance a geopolitical Europe

Why Europe needs a Strategic GPS

In addition to a Strategic Compass that sets its direction of travel, the EU also needs a ‘GPS’ to help it determine its location and speed