The red flags ahead: What to expect from Taiwan’s election

Tensions over Taiwan are likely to rise in the aftermath of this weekend’s election, regardless of who wins. The next president will seek closer ties with Europe, which will necessitate a more coherent and unified policy

High-voltage trade: How Europe should fight the electric vehicle wars

The electric vehicle industry demonstrates the challenges of de-risking in practice. The EU needs more than tariffs if it wants to prevent a looming over-dependence on Chinese electric vehicles without strangling its own green ambitions

Beyond business as usual: A China strategy for Poland

Poland needs to rethink its approach to China. The new government provides an opportunity for Warsaw to work with European partners to develop a China strategy that strengthens both Poland and the EU

What Europe can learn from Japan’s approach to the global south

Russia’s war on Ukraine, the US-China rivalry, and evolving geostrategic dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region have pushed Japan to recalibrate its approach to emerging countries in the global south. European governments, facing challenges to restore a positive image in their engagement with these countries, can draw valuable inspiration from Tokyo’s approach