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Thomas Klau

ECFR Alumni · Former Senior Policy Fellow


Thomas Klau used to work for ECFR as Senior Policy Fellow and Head of the Paris office.




Welt ohne F?hrung

Obama's China-Visit was more than an episode: it symbolises the end of a long era of global US leadership. The power vacuum will have to be filled by stronger global institutions. A piece in German.

Besser wird’s nicht

The Lisbon Treaty makes the EU neither efficient nor democratic enough. But it was the best available deal under the outdated and foolish unanimity rule. A piece in German.



Hollande has reinvented politics in Europe

The implosion of Greece's party political landscape and the victory of François Hollande in France transformed the political debate in Europe. Moreover, both events act as a catalyst for a political reinvention of the eurozone and an emergence of a transnational political space.  

Preparing for President Hollande

The prospect of a victory by François Hollande may be causing nervousness in Berlin and elsewhere, but the socialist candidate in the French presidential elections is a natural compromise-builder, and Europe should have no real reason to fear his victory.  

France deserves better than this

As France votes in the first round of its presidential elections, the French people have been denied an analytically, politically honest and comprehensive engagement by the politicians with the real issues at hand in France and Europe.  

Should the euro be abolished?

In this contribution to an online Economist debate on the future of the euro, Thomas Klau argues that the single currency is indispensible if Europe is to punch its weight on the global stage in the 21st century.  


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