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Tareq Baconi

ECFR Alumni · Visiting Fellow

Areas of expertise

Oil and gas sectors in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


Arabic, English, conversational French


Tareq Baconi was a policy fellow with ECFR’s Middle East and North Africa programme where he focused on the politics of natural resources in the Middle East and North Africa. His previous publications with ECFR include “Pipelines and Pipedreams: How the EU can support a regional gas hub in the Eastern Mediterranean”.

Baconi has worked as a consultant in the energy sector, most recently as a managing consultant in Navigant’s energy practice in London. Alongside his advisory work, he has pursued research projects relating to the contemporary geopolitics of the region, particularly Israel-Palestine and Islamic movements. Baconi’s book, “Hamas Contained: The Rise and Pacification of Palestinian Resistance” is forthcoming with Stanford University Press in May 2018.

Tareq has been a Visiting Fellow at Columbia University’s Middle East Institute and his writings have appeared in Foreign Affairs, Sada: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, The Guardian, The Daily Star and Al Ghad. He has provided commentary on Middle East affairs to National Public Radio, Democracy Now, and Al Jazeera.

La coopération internationale sur la crise de l’eau en Egypte

L'Éthiopie construit le plus grand barrage d'Afrique, crucial pour sa sécurité énergétique et sa croissance économique. Cela pose également des problèmes avec les voisins du Nil, en particulier en Égypte, qui pourraient souffrir d’une pénurie d’eau absolue une fois le projet terminé.



In the media

Tareq Baconi finds the only way to conclusively defuse the persistent violence between Israel and Hamas is for external parties to mediate a cease-fire that commits to three longer-term goals

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