Richard Gowan

Russia in Syria: Counterattacking at the UN

European leaders need to find a way to put President Putin back on the diplomatic defensive and the UN may be the best place for them to act

Welcome to New York!

It's not easy being a European in the Big Apple ahead of UN General Assembly

ECFR on Iraq: warnings from the past

It is worth asking if European governments could have been better prepared for the Iraqi horror show

Why Europe can’t leave Asia to the US

Can Europeans safely ignore rising tensions in the Asia-Pacific? European policymakers may want to focus on their near neighbourhood and the transatlantic relationship but one way or the other they will have to deal with the fallout from rising tensions in Asia

Don’t pretend the U.N. can save Syria

It is time to set Lakhdar Brahimi free. After a year's service as envoy for the United Nations and Arab League to Syria, the veteran Algerian mediator faces the final breakdown of his efforts to end the war