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Olaf Boehnke

Former head of ECFR Berlin Office


Olaf Boehnke used to work for ECFR as head of the Berlin office.

From 2009 to 2011 he was Senior Foreign and European Policy Advisor in the German Bundestag. Before that, from 2007 to 2009, he worked as Senior Programme Officer at the Aspen Institute Germany. As the head of the institute’s Middle East Department, he executed three conference programmes on civil society issues in Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. From 1999 to 2006 he was chief of staff and senior advisor to several members of the German Bundestag.

He is a visiting lecturer at the Otto-Suhr-Institut for Political Sciences at Free University, Berlin. He received his MA from Free University, Berlin, where he studied International Relations, Political Science, and Economics.

He has published widely on European and transatlantic issues. He is a Marshall Memorial Fellow (2007) of the German Marshall Fund of the United States and an Aspen Fellow (2005/06) of the Aspen Institute Berlin. He now works as Managing Director of the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS).


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