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Lesia Ogryzko

Visiting Fellow

Areas of expertise

Ukraine’s foreign and security policies and reform; Russia-Ukraine war and Ukraine’s reconstruction; geopolitics and global security; international humanitarian law and human rights.


Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, and Russian


Lesia Ogryzko is a visiting fellow with the Wider Europe programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations. She leads international cooperation at Ukraine’s biggest expert coalition on the country’s reconstruction, RISE Ukraine, and is a fellow at the Centre for Defence Strategies, a think-tank in Kyiv.

Previously, Ogryzko served as international civil servant across the UN system, dealing with human rights and the coordination of UN agencies in Ukraine. She also worked for the Ukrainian government on the implementation of reforms, including in public administration for the cabinet of ministers’ reforms delivery office. She is also the co-founder of several civic initiatives, as well as the Ukrainian office of the humanitarian international NGO Save the Children. Prior to that, Ogryzko worked for the Spanish think-tank FRIDE, researching international affairs. She is the author of numerous publications in international media on the Russia-Ukraine war, Ukraine’s reconstruction, and the country’s civil society.

Ogryzko holds an MA in international relations and security studies from the Institute of international relations at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and an MA in European public affairs from the Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

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