Unity or disunity for Ukraine: that is the question

In the first big multilateral test for prime minister Giorgia Meloni, this mini-series will explore the four main priorities of Italy’s 2024 G7 presidency: Ukraine, AI, infrastructure, and Africa

Two years into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the international community remains deeply divided on how to react to Putin’s aggression. Disagreements have characterised the European position, prompting strong criticism about the European Union’s incapacity to react, act, and lead with a strong and united position. In the United States, measures to support Ukraine have also been blocked because of bipartisan division; China still sends weapons-related exports to Russia; and many countries take strong pro-Russia positions. Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni’s support to Ukraine has surprised many observers who did not believe in her commitment to a free and sovereign Ukraine. As the war becomes one of attrition, she should use her G7 presidency to harmonise and expand its role, not only in condemning Russia, but also on supporting Ukraine’s reconstruction.

In this episode, Arturo Varvelli, who heads the Rome office at ECFR, and Lesia Ogryzko, an ECFR visiting fellow and head of the International Cooperation Department of the RISE Ukraine Coalition and a fellow at the Centre for Defence Strategies, discuss what to expect from Meloni on support to Ukraine.

This podcast was recorded on 9 May 2024.

You can find the entire podcast series “Meloni goes Multilateral” here.

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