Kadri Liik

Russia policy after the US election

Regardless of the election result, Moscow will continue to see US policies as provisional – as a part of a temporary phase that one needs to wait out, to see what follows

How Russia is winning at its own game

War and revolution are not inimical to Moscow if they follow paths Russian policymakers understand and even support

Why analysts in Moscow dismiss the UK Parliament’s Russia report

The July 2020 report by the UK Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee is part of a wider and somewhat depressing phenomenon: Western countries’ analyses of what Russia is doing are often mediocre in the eyes of those in Moscow

Emmanuel Macron’s very big idea on Russia

Negotiations with Russia over a new European security order would have huge – to many, alarming – implications for Ukraine, the EU, and the NATO alliance

Two decades of Putin

Two decades on from his ascent to power, Putin cuts a lonely figure in a political desert