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Issandr El Amrani

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Issandr El Amrani used to work for ECFR as Visiting Fellow.

Egypt: out of control?

Egypt appears to be spinning out of control. The current crisis is a prolongation of the crisis that emerged late last year over a decree by President Morsi suspending some judicial decisions and giving himself additional powers, followed by the rush to approve a new constitution.  

What Europe should tell Mohammed Morsi

The Brussels visit of Egypt’s first democratically elected president Mohammed Morsi is a striking reminder of the changes that have swept the Arab world in the last 18 months. Europe should not miss a historic opportunity to rebuild relations with the most important country in the region.  

In the media

The debate on how to deal with refugees in Germany splits the governing party frim Angela Merkel, CDU. In the centre is the issue of identity within this crisis. The question remains if the crisis pushes this aspect to the centre of German public debate. Josef Janning adds that people are afraif to ask who is 'a German'. 

Issandr El Amrani analyzes the situation of intellectuals in the Arab world. 

Issandr El Amrani analyses the position of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. 

Issandr El Amrani's piece on the political crisis in Egypt is republished in full

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