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Emma Bonino

Member of the Senate
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy


Emma Bonino is an Italian senator and former minister of foreign affairs. She also served as minister for international trade and European affairs and has been a member of both the Italian and European parliaments. She is a former European commissioner for humanitarian aid, fisheries, and consumer policy. During her career, she has instigated several international human rights campaigns, including ‘Stop FGM’, and contributed to the establishment of the International Criminal Court.

How to avoid the ruin of the European market

Taskforces chaired by the European Commission should co-ordinate state aid, making sure that national measures reinforce each other to the greater benefit of the sectors concerned and avoid bending competition rules, writes Giuliano Amato and Emma Bonino

Dare una sola voce all’Europa nel mondo

L’ECFR ? appena nato in Europa per offrire a tutti quegli europei convinti che serva un’Europa forte, attiva, e coesa nel mondo, uno strumento nuovo e moderno che li aiuti a trasformare questa convinzione in realt?