Carl Bildt

Is peace in Donbas possible?

An ambitious international peacekeeping and transition operation is badly needed in the Donbas

Taking Turkey seriously

Make no mistake: the West’s attitude toward Turkey matters

More Europe, less Brussels

The idea of the Union must resonate with all Europeans, not just those who get invited to exclusive meetings. The era of Aachen is over; the age of Bratislava has arrived.

Ukraine: The case for ‘voor’

Ahead of the Dutch Ukraine referendum, ECFR co-chair Carl Bildt makes the case for greater integration and cooperation with Europe's eastern neighbour

The future global order

In the first episode of this series, Carl Bildt explains that with the dramatic increase in the importance of the cyber world, Europe must create the right environment in which an open, dynamic and global internet can flourish. It is a vital European interest and one that we are neglecting.

Russia, EU and Eastern Partnership

What happens to Ukraine now will play a possibly decisive role in the future of the continent itself