Anthony Dworkin

Drone Attacks: Why New Wars Need New Rules

Obama’s increased use of drone attacks has left many people on both sides of the Atlantic unsure how to react. A new approach, based on human rights principles, is needed to assess their permissibility

The International Criminal Court: A Time for Consolidation

Eight years ago countries across the world backed the launching of a permanent International Criminal Court to bring those who commit mass atrocities to justice. The ICC is up for review, starting on 1 June in Uganda. The biggest question on the table is: should the ICC have jurisdiction over the crime of aggression?

End of the ?war on terror?: what next?

Obama is redefining the fight against terrorism. But he has come up against some stiff criticism and urgently needs the EU’s help

Human rights – a time for reflection

Anthony Dworkin calls for a moment of reflection in the light of the anniversary of the human rights declaration

A new partnership in support of international law

Obama’s election offers the opportunity for the EU and the US to come together in pledging to fight terrorism within the framework of fundamental human rights

Europe should support the ICC over Darfur

The indictment of Sudan’s president marks a critical moment for the International Criminal Court. European supporters of international justice should give it their backing