“We are all in this together” – The coronavirus crisis as a collective emotional experience?

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Emotions are an increasingly important part of contemporary politics. Strategies based on fear, nostalgia or hope are used by political leaders all over Europe to mobilize populations. Sociologist Karolina Wigura explored the role of emotions in times of corona in the latest episode of our ECFRQUARANTIMES series. In this week's podcast, this topic will be analysed further with a strong focus on the situation in Poland, the US and France. What are the dominant emotions in these countries? Which people and parties are trying to take advantage of this crisis and transform emotions into policies? What kind of impact covid-19 had and will have on elections? Our Host Mark Leonard is joined by ECFR experts Jeremy Shapiro, Piotr Buras, and Tara Varma. They share their feelings and tell us about the emotional experiences of their countries: how do Poles, the French and US-Americans experiences fear, suspicion and uncertainty in times of corona?

This podcast was recorded on 14 May 2020.