Top 10 foreign policy trends for 2022

Mark Leonard and Jeremy Shapiro predict ten bright and bold policy projections for the year 2022

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Traditions die hard, or so they say.

And thus, we are especially excited to continue one of our most popular traditions: Predicting ten foreign policy trends for 2022. This week, host Mark Leonard and Jeremy Shapiro, Research Director at ECFR, are looking into their crystal balls to foretell the forces and events that will shape the upcoming year. They also convened an impartial jury consisting entirely of themselves to rate last year’s predictions. It concluded that Mark and Jeremy set a new high score of 8/10 points in 2021. Can they outdo themselves with their 2022 projections? Or do you think you have better predictions? Send us an email or tweet them at us!

This podcast was recorded on 4 January 2022.

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