Protest movement in Belarus: Will Lukashenko survive the current state (of) crisis?

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In this week’s episode, Jeremy Shapiro stepped in as host and welcomes senior policy fellows Kadri Liik and Andrew Wilson as well as political scientist and editor of “Belarus-Analysen” Olga Dryndova to the podcast. Together, they shed light on the situation on the ground in Belarus: what are the goals do of the opposition in Belarus and what kind, if any, strategy does it have for achieving them?  How does long-time president Lukashenko see the situation and what is the state’s strategy to try to remain in power? And finally, what roles should the EU and Russia play in a mediation process?

Further reading: Why the EU now needs a deliberate Belarus policy, by Andrew Wilson

This podcast was recorded on 26 August 2020.


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Image by picture alliance / AA | Marina Serebryakova