Lead time: How Germany should move on from Merkel | Episode 3 – Economic Coercion

How can the next German government build up Europe’s strength against economic coercion?

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Welcome to ECFR’s special limited podcast series, in which we bring you the most pressing items on Germany’s foreign policy to-do list for its new government!

Episode 3 – Economic Coercion

In our third episode, we’ll discuss Germany’s approach to economic sovereignty and threats of economic coercion. Even though, this should be mainly viewed as a European task, Germany – as the EU’s powerhouse – should take a central role in protecting Europe from economic coercion. As part of its renewal of German (economic) policies, the new government in Berlin will therefore need to take decisive steps in strengthening Europe’s resilience.

Read about the issue in the recent commentary by Jonathan Hackenbroich: https://ecfr.eu/article/four-ways-the-new-german-government-can-strengthen-european-trade-against-economic-coercion/

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