How Europeans see Biden’s America

How do Europeans assess the future of transatlantic relations?

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The new poll by ECFR revealed that despite the joy and relief many Europeans felt when Joe Biden won the US presidential election, they do not think he can help America make a comeback as the pre-eminent global leader. This week, Susi Dennison is taking over the podcast, joined by our usual host, Mark Leonard as well as Jeremy Shapiro, ECFR’s research director and in-house US expert. How do Europeans assess the future of transatlantic relations? Can the EU finally come to terms with its strategic sovereignty goal? And what does this mean for policy-makers in European capitals and across the Atlantic in Washington D.C.?

This podcast was recorded on 21 January 2021.

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Cover image:
Joe Biden arrives at the White House in the Inaugural Parade in 2013
Image by Adam Fagen

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