Europe’s role in America’s election

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How will and can Europeans react in the event of a post-election chaos in the US? The election day is fast approaching yet the outcome still remains highly debatable and unpredictable. And, it is rather likely that also after November 3rd, no clear winner can be announced. How should Europe respond in this time of uncertainty? What impact will the prolonged power struggle have on the transatlantic relationship? ECFR’s research director Jeremy Shapiro takes over this week and is joined by ECFR´s senior director for strategic partnerships Anna Kuchenbecker, the Polish MEP Radek Sikorski, ECFR´s deputy director Vessela Tcherneva and Pierre Vimont, French ambassador to the US. 

Further reading:  

The world must prepare for a contested US election, by Timothy Garton Ash 

This podcast was recorded on 23 October 2020. 


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Image by Ted Eytan