A new defence strategy for Europe

Mark Leonard welcomes Camille Grand to discuss the future of European defence

Facing a major war in Europe, as well as an expanding conflict in the Middle East, it is increasingly important for European leaders to meet the security challenges of tomorrow. This week, the inaugural event of ECFR’s new defence initiative brought together a strategic community of leaders and practitioners to think creatively and practically about how Europe can strengthen its role as a geopolitical actor and global power.

From the event in Brussels, Mark Leonard welcomes distinguished policy fellow Camille Grand, who is the former assistant secretary general for defence investment at NATO and is now leading ECFR’s work on defence and disruptive technologies in European security. Together, they discuss where Europe’s defence sector is headed. What is the current state of play? How can NATO and the EU work together while avoiding duplication? What should Europeans be doing to plan for the day when they can no longer depend on US security guarantees?

This podcast was recorded on 1 February 2024.


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