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Ukraine and Bulgaria show power of EU model

There are still countries in Europe where protestors enthusiastically wave the EU's star-studded flag rather than burning it in anger. These days Kiev's embattled EuroMaidan is as much the heart of the Union as the Schuman roundabout in Brussels. So who said Europe lacks a story and a cause?

The Ukrainian #Euromaidan

The outcome of the protests in Ukraine is uncertain. President Yanukovych is exploring re-negotiation with the EU; the opposition is getting more organised. But how should the EU and the world react to the situation in Ukraine?

What if… the EU had offered a membership perspective to Ukraine?

Commentators rue the “missed opportunity” of 2004 and present the membership perspective as a panacea. Instead, they should be asking what functions and demands the EU approach should fulfil and only then, whether a membership perspective would be suitable.