Wider Europe

A European goal for Ukraine

The question whether to boycott the European Championships in Ukraine has become a hotly debated issue. But there are a number of other steps the EU and Member States can and should take to link the “Euros” with European values.  

Fog in Moscow

Vladimir Putin is set to reassume the reins of power in the Kremlin. But what will Russia's foreign policy be, and how should the European Union and its member states react?  

The Americanisation of Turkey

Turkey's international profile and domestic politics have long been oriented towards the European Union. Now, both the Arab awakening and the internal momentum of AKP rule are pushing Ankara closer to the United States.  

Power and Weakness in Putin’s Russia

Vladimir Putin’s support machine was strong enough to guarantee him victory in the presidential election. But Putin’s strength is the weakness of the opposition and he should be worried by the divisions within his own government.  

Europe’s role in fighting corruption in Russia

The re-election of Vladimir Putin presents the EU with an opportunity to encourage reform in Russia. It should set up an EU-Russia anti corruption dialogue and work harder to prevent the proceeds of corruption ending up in Europe.  

How Putin ran out of ideas and won

Russia has changed and Vladimir Putin has run out of ideas. Although he will still win the Russian presidential election, Putin faces the biggest ever challenge to his power once he re-enters the Kremlin.