Refugee crisis

Reforming the Common European Asylum System

The political crisis surrounding the handling of refugee inflows in the EU has now reached a stage where there is too much bad blood for a “more of the same” approach to have much hope of working

Bear any burden, and Paying the price

The EU should broaden the scope of what is expected of member states on burden sharing on refugee crisis, within more formalised, intergovernmental co-operation according to two papers from ECFR

The migration superpowers

As control over population flows becomes a currency of power, states that follow the M-7’s lead will have the opportunity to boost their geopolitical heft

View from Warsaw: Keeping a low profile

With a worsening international reputation, Poland has been strikingly quiet on the recent refugee deal

The EU Turkey deal: fair and feasible?

Potentially unrealistic vows on readmissions and relocation leave plenty of questions unanswered ahead of EU Council

View from Paris: A marginalised voice

France remains hugely concerned by visa liberalisation on Turkey, as deal exposes Franco-German fractures

Working with the Western Balkans

In 2015, of the main migratory routes to Europe by both land and sea, the one through the Western Balkans has been the busiest

The law of the ‘Jungle’

With the future of the Dublin system up for grabs, families are still being divided by mistrustful governments