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View from Warsaw: Deterrence above all

What is distinct about Poland’s attitude to Russia is its genuine conviction in the potential for conventional military conflict with Moscow

View from London: Pragmatic continuity

Russian actions in Ukraine and Syria will frustrate any attempts at a shift in UK policy on Russia

View from Athens: Towing the line

The new reality of Greek acquiescence to EU policy hides deep ideological differences

View from The Hague: An eternal balancing act

Prime Minister Rutte, needing as much EU support as he can, will be firm on the status quo and extremely careful with everything else

View from Stockholm: Not the time for frailty

Given Russia’s multiple moves to up the ante in recent weeks, Stockholm sees no reason for the EU to change direction

View from Madrid: The many-faced Janus

Spain is inclined towards conditional accommodation with Russia but tends to refrain from open overtures towards Moscow