Programme entry

View from Warsaw: the Polish riddle

It is less about concrete policy ideas than an overall strategy towards the EU: will it take a pragmatic position or pursue an ideological path?

EU global strategy under threat from division at home

​The new Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy provides a pragmatic vision for the EU’s external relations. But the loss of the United Kingdom and divisions among the remaining 27 may undermine its success.

Boris Johnson the Counter-Revolutionary

Johnson did more than anyone to bury Britain’s European future; but his ultra-flexibility may yet prove to be its salvation

Spain’s balancing act with Russia

The weakening of common European positions, with some key Spanish allies making overtures to Moscow, could weaken their mitigating force against a mix of isolationist and Realpolitik temptations, influential in Madrid

Russia 2030: potential impact on French policies

France's response to the Ukraine crisis has been more active and more determined than many would have predicted, but with ongoing operations in Africa and the Middle East it should be careful not to overstretch itself

An unpredictable Russia: the impact on Poland

With a raft of other crises at the EU’s doorstep, Warsaw might find it difficult to gain support for its assertive approach towards Russia