Divided Kurds fight the Islamic State

The Islamic State is deepening Kurdish reliance on external powers and is also having a significant impact on intra-Kurdish rivalries, strengthening the hand of the PKK

A Saudi view on the Islamic State

Saudi Arabia is adamant that it has the unique knowledge, expertise, and legitimacy to effectively lead the effort to defeat the Islamic State

Qatar’s risky balancing act

Qatar has been plagued by accusations that of all the forces backing Syrian insurgents it is the most responsible for funding finding its way to the Islamic State

Kuwait: the crisis in Syria comes home

With a broad spectrum of Sunnis in Kuwait expressing sympathy for the Islamic State and the country serving as a hub for private donors backing the group few countries are more concerned by the rise of the Islamic State

Iran’s strategy against the Islamic State

Iran’s strategy for combatting the Islamic State has entailed a broad political and firm security response channelled through the governments in Damascus and Baghdad and local Shia groups