Attribution is what states make of it

It is high-time for the Europeans to wake up from their hopes and dreams to build norms and rules for state behaviour in cyberspace

The UN GGE is dead: Time to fall forward

The top down UN GGE process appears dead in the water. International norms and laws for responding to cyber attacks must now be built from the bottom up

Countering online radicalisation

Part of the solution is to rely on the internet’s most essential strength – its vast army of ordinary users

The Macron leak that wasn’t

So stark is the absence of interesting information that one could conclude that the Macronleak was a false flag operation designed to point the finger at Russia

Are Pirate Parties relevant to European politics?

In the 2016 parliamentary elections in Iceland, the Pirate Party celebrated its largest ever electoral success, winning 14.5 percent of the popular vote and securing…