Obama in Asia

Despite dissimilarities between them, a G2 of China and the US haunts Europe

Welt ohne F?hrung

Obama’s China-Visit was more than an episode: it symbolises the end of a long era of global US leadership. The power vacuum will have to be filled by stronger global institutions. A piece in German.

Can Afghans still count on the EU?

The EU should commit itself to a ?civilian surge’, but with Afghan rather than European civilians

After Afghanistan

The Afghan experience will leave Europe?s armed forces drained and in search of a new purpose. Insufficient political will and empty state coffers will hamper rejuvenation

Stop rewarding violence in Afghanistan

The international community needs to get serious about helping Afghanistan and stop rewarding human rights abuses

Leering bear, rising dragon

“G2” is this year’s world order catchphrase. The ‘other’ international power duopoly will end in tears for Russia.