ECFR’s growing Africa Programme analyses the geopolitics of the Africa-Europe relationship from several angles. This includes relations between the African Union and the European Union; foreign policy tools and strategies; common challenges; and opportunities to find creative policy solutions. As part of this approach, the Africa Programme also focuses on two regions in transition that are particularly relevant for Europe: the Horn of Africa and the Sahel.

The Africa Programme’s analysis and policy recommendations take the form of publications, commentaries, videos, and podcasts. It convenes events across Europe and beyond, while providing private briefings to decision-makers and policy-influencers. These briefings are among the Africa Programme’s most effective tools for shaping policymaking.

The Africa Programme’s team of researchers and analysts draw on experience in government, academia, and advocacy. Their areas of expertise includes the Red Sea, the Horn of Africa, the Sahel, and the African Union and Africa regional organisations. Together, they have created robust networks for Europe-Africa policymaking.

ECFR’s Council is comprised of current and former senior EU leaders, public intellectuals, and figures in the private sector. This ensures that the organisation’s research is focused on actionable, practical output. With offices in six European capitals (including London)  and its headquarters in Berlin, ECFR is particularly well-placed to engage with a range of EU governments and shape their response to challenges and opportunities in the Africa-Europe relationship.