Safa Rawiah

Safa Rawiah

General manager, Youth Leadership Development Foundation
Co-founder, Leaders School
Co-founder, WARD for Women’s Empowerment
Chairwoman, Civil Alliance for Peace

Areas of expertise

Yemen, youth empowerment, women’s empowerment, civil society strengthening, peace-building, and conflict resolution


Since 2012, Safa Rawiah has been the general manager of leading Yemeni non-governmental organisation, the Youth Leadership Development Foundation. She is a well-known development professional and a recipient of numerous international awards for her contribution to the development of Yemeni women and youth. Rawiah has considerable experience in development, humanitarian, and peace-building initiatives in fragile and complex settings, with specific expertise in the empowerment of youth and women, civil society strengthening, peace-building, and conflict resolution. Additionally, she is a chairwoman for the Civil Alliance for Peace, and a co-founder of both the Leaders School and WARD for Women’s Empowerment in Sana’a. She holds an MA in international development and gender from the Gender and Development Studies and Research Center at Sana’a University.