Muna Luqman

Muna Luqman

Founder and chairperson, Food4Humanity
Co-founder, Women’s Solidarity Network
Member of the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership

Areas of expertise

Climate change, water diplomacy and security, local mediation over natural resources, the peace process in Yemen, women’s participation


Muna Luqman is founder and chairperson of Food4Humanity. She is also co-founder of the Women’s Solidarity Network, and member of the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership.

Luqman frequently briefs the UN Security Council, members of the US Congress, and the UN Human Rights Council. She has worked across the world to advocate for an end to the war in Yemen and to call for women’s participation in the peace process. Climate change and water diplomacy have been a highlight of her advocacy work, particularly on local mediation over natural resources. Luqman is currently working on security sector reform, governance, and climate with Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance, and with the Center of Humanitarian Dialogue in Geneva.