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Silvia Samorè

ECFR Alumni · ECFR-Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo Pan-European Fellow

Areas of expertise

Security studies, European Union, NATO, security sector reform


Italian, English, German


Silvia Samorè was a Pan-European Fellow at the Rome office of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Before joining ECFR, Samorè worked as a Blue Book trainee at the European Commission in the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments. In her area of responsibility, she followed projects in the field of cyber and digital diplomacy, cooperation in the security sector, and disinformation. Through her prior role at the Post-Conflict Operations Study centre, Silvia developed a deep interest in the field of stability operations and security sector reform, leading to further training at the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence in Vicenza, and the Italian Army Centre for Security Force Assistance and the NATO Centre of Excellence.

Samorè holds a BA and a MA in strategic studies from the University of Turin, and an MA in international military-strategic studies from the Center for High Defense Studies in Rome.

Multilateral space: A European space oddity

Competition among major space powers hinders multilateral action to protect access to outer space. The EU has a key role to play in promoting responsible behaviours and securing the use of space for all

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