Piotr Buras

Views from the Capitals: Working with President Macron

Macron’s win was received with a sigh of relief across Europe, but what follows cannot be “politics as usual”. Can he garner support in the European Union?

Pariah no more? Poland weighs its options

Angela Merkel’s visit to Warsaw is the most important meeting of German and Polish leaders since 1989

The EU’s Polish Dilemma

The problem of Warsaw’s illiberalism is not just legal but deeply political

View from Warsaw: Deterrence above all

What is distinct about Poland’s attitude to Russia is its genuine conviction in the potential for conventional military conflict with Moscow

View from Warsaw: the Polish riddle

It is less about concrete policy ideas than an overall strategy towards the EU: will it take a pragmatic position or pursue an ideological path?

An unpredictable Russia: the impact on Poland

With a raft of other crises at the EU’s doorstep, Warsaw might find it difficult to gain support for its assertive approach towards Russia