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Mariya Trifonova

Visiting Fellow

Areas of expertise

European energy and climate policies, energy transitions, social acceptance of low-carbon technologies, energy citizenship


Bulgarian, English, German


Mariya Trifonova is a visiting fellow in ECFR’s Sofia office, focusing on the national business case of European climate and energy policies. Trifonova is a PhD candidate and an assistant professor at the Department of Industrial Economics and Management of Sofia University where she teaches environmental economics, sustainable governance of energy systems, and economic aspects of renewable energy technologies and biofuels.  Previously, Trifonova was program director of the Bulgarian PV Association, and part of the team at the European Institute of Energy Research team in Karlsruhe. She has been involved in projects such as PV Grid, Nanophosolar, MEDEAS, ClimAct and has contributed as a national expert to the annual edition of the World Energy Trilemma Index since 2000.

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