Julien Barnes-Dacey

Another fine mess: Syria after the US exit

Turkey’s invasion means Europeans can no longer be bystanders to Syria. They must now take three urgent steps.

Prime mover: Johnson and the UK-Iran crisis

Boris Johnson's first foreign policy test will be avoiding stumbling the UK into a broader confrontation with Iran

What Europe should do about Syria

European states pushing to re-engage must not offer Assad cost-free re-legitimisation

Europe’s Iran dilemma

On Sunday, November 4, far-reaching sanctions will be re-imposed on Iran and its oil sector. The European Union is trying to preserve a version of the deal, but the recent incidents in Denmark and France have heightened the tensions. 

Idlib: the last attack

Rebels may hold out longer than expected, but there seems little doubt the Assad regime will eventually prevail in the imminent assault on Idlib