Media mentions

Jana Kobzova on the current state of the European Union’s policy towards its Eastern partners.

Jana Kobzova writes on relations between the EU and Eastern Partnership countries ahead of the EaP Summit in Brussels.

The article mentions two commentaries by ECFR experts Managing the Unmanageable: Germany and a Resurgent Russia and Western solidarity with Ukraine: Do it yourself.

TVP INFO in a TV programme "Studio Wschod" broadcasts Nicu Popescu's commentaries and other conclusions of  the ECFR conference in the context of the crisis in Ukraine.

ECFR's report on post-BRIC Russia is mentioned in an interview with Ben Judah 

Jana Kobzova comments the new Georgian government's policy during the seminar organised by ECFR Warsaw.

Jana Kobzova asked about the EU's commitment in the Polish - Russian case of returning wreck of crashed airplane.

Jana Kobzova's report on Ukraine is quoted in regards to EU integration

Jana Kobzova is interviewed about the effect of the Euro crisis on Eastern Europe

Jana Kobzova comments on the dashed hopes for a Russian bailout for Cyprus.