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Herman Quarles van Ufford

Senior Policy Fellow

Areas of expertise

European power; The geopolitics of technology; European integration; Multilateral cooperation


English, French, Dutch


Herman Quarles van Ufford is a senior policy fellow with the European Power programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations, on secondment from the Dutch foreign ministry. His main focus is the geopolitics of technology.

He recently worked as Dutch consul general in New York and as an advisor to the UN Tech and UN75 envoy at the United Nations secretariat in New York. He served as deputy director general at the Dutch prime minister’s office, where he was spokesman for Mark Rutte and the Dutch king and queen, as well as for Dutch EU affairs ministers Atzo Nicolai and Frans Timmermans.

Previously, Quarles held various diplomatic positions including at the Dutch foreign ministry’s Middle East department and at the Dutch embassy in Paris. He holds an LLM in international public law from Groningen University and completed the ‘cycle’ court programme at the French Ecole Nationale d’Administration.

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