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Hans Kundnani

ECFR Alumni · Former Research Director


Hans Kundnani used to work for ECFR as Editor and Research Director.

Germany as a geoeconomic power

It is wrong to think of Germany's assertive response to the eurozone crisis as a simple case of old-fashioned Realpolitik. Berlin's willingness to throw its weight around economically still sits awkardly with reluctance on military issues. In short, Germany is a geoeconomic power.  

EU foreign policy: Moving on from Libya

Historically, internal divisions have caused the EU to be flat-footed in responding to foreign policy crises. But by learning from the EU’s successes and failures, it should be possible to plan coordinated approaches for future crises.  

Germany’s withdrawal symptoms

The euro crisis seems to have revealed a more inward-looking and nationalistic Germany. But Germany?s shift towards the domestic is more subtle than it appears. And it is certainly not just a recent development

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