Fredrik Wesslau

Will the EU prolong economic sanctions against Russia?

The lack of progress on the Minsk agreement means not only that the condition of fully implementing the agreement remains unfulfilled – it has also effectively killed the idea of a partial easing of sanctions

Trouble in Nagorno-Karabakh

The risk for miscalculation leading to all-out war is real and cannot be ignored

Turkey’s not so splendid isolation

Despite its confidence in negotiations with the EU, Turkey remains beset on all sides by problems

Working with the Western Balkans

In 2015, of the main migratory routes to Europe by both land and sea, the one through the Western Balkans has been the busiest

Life in the “Grey Zones”

Locked in a shadowy life between war and peace, “grey zones” now litter the map of Eastern Europe

Ten talking points from the new ENP

The new Neighbourhood Policy is more transactional than transformative, abandoning the idealism of 2004's policy

Refugee road to nowhere: the Western Balkans

The refugee crisis is placing a huge strain on the countries of the Western Balkans – the EU cannot afford for them to break