Under the Overcoat: But the people are silent 

This podcast explores deeper trends beneath the surface of Russia’s daily politics. In this episode, we examine public opinion in Russia

What is the mood in Russian society after two years of war? How can we understand what is happening? Expressing meaningful dissent can land Russians in jail, yet a huge number of people attended the funeral of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, taking huge personal risk. In this episode, we discuss public opinion in Russia in the run-up to the presidential election and after Navalny’s death.   

ECFR’s new podcast on Russia, “Under the Overcoat”, explores the deeper trends beneath the surface of daily politics. To examine public opinion in Russia, our host Kadri Liik is joined by Ksenia Luchenko, ECFR visiting fellow, and Alexei Levinson, head of the sociocultural research department at the Levada Center.  

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