The Great Reset? The view from Brussels with Mujtaba Rahman

In this third episode of our new mini-series, Mark Leonard and Susi Dennison talk to Mujtaba Rahman about the potential for a great reset in UK-EU relations

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War has returned to the European continent, putting many previous divisions into perspective. This has caused European leaders to think afresh about their politics – and raised the question of the United Kingdom’s role in European foreign policy. Seven years after the Brexit referendum, the EU and the UK have finally resolved some of their differences through the Windsor Framework. The possibility of a reset between the UK and the EU on foreign policy could be on the horizon. In this year’s mini-series, Mark Leonard and Susi Dennison examine what a reimagined EU-UK relationship might look like. 

In this third episode, Mark and Susi welcome the Eurasia Group’s managing director for Europe, Mujtaba Rahman, who previously served at the UK Treasury and the European Commission’s directorate general for economic and financial affairs, to discuss what this renewal of relations might look like. How has Brexit affected the UK’s economy? How can the UK negotiate a new agreement with the EU that avoids political difficulties around freedom of movement while still being attractive to the bloc? What areas of cooperation could the UK and the EU explore beyond the existing trade agreement?

 This podcast was recorded on 12 July 2023.   


Johnson at 10: The Inside Story, by Anthony Seldon and Raymond Newell

This is Europe: The Way We Live Now, by Ben Judah

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