The AI-talian job: challenges and opportunities

In the first big multilateral test for prime minister Giorgia Meloni, this mini-series will explore the four main priorities of Italy’s 2024 G7 presidency: Ukraine, AI, infrastructure, and Africa

The rise of AI has shaken national debates on regulations and security, pushed the European Union towards an unprecedent legislative measure, the AI Act, and driven competition between great and emerging powers. AI had also the potential to be a pandora’s box for new risks and challenges, especially amid the unstable geopolitical environment. Based on the results of the Hiroshima AI process, the final declaration on AI from Japan’s G7 presidency, prime minister Giorgia Meloni has prioritised the issue of AI in Italy’s 2024 presidency.

In this episode of our ‘Meloni goes multilateral’ podcast series, Maria Rosaria Taddeo, professor of digital ethics and defence technologies, programme director at the Oxford Internet Institute, and ethics fellow at the Alan Turing Institute, together with Gabriele Carrer, journalist and former ECFR visiting fellow, discuss how to tackle such challenges.

This podcast was recorded on 3 June 2024.

You can find the entire podcast series “Meloni goes Multilateral” here.

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