Giorgia on my mind: The Italian election and European foreign policy

Mark Leonard and his guests discuss the implications of the new government in Rome and its foreign policy agenda, including Russia and China

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The success of Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy in the recent Italian general election has sent shudders around Europe. With Meloni set to form a coalition of right-wingers and Eurosceptics, her foreign policy agenda could call into question the very foundations of the European project. Alongside Poland and Hungary, Italy could join calls for greater national sovereignty, aiming to shift the balance of power away from Brussels technocracy. 

In this week’s episode, Mark Leonard is joined by ECFR council members Nathalie Tocci, who is the director of Italy’s Istituto Affari Internazionali, and Marta Dassu, senior advisor for Europe at the Aspen Institute, as well as Arturo Varvelli, head of ECFR´s Rome Office and senior policy fellow. They discuss the implications of the new government in Rome and whether it does indeed point to a shift to the right. What will be the new government’s stance be on Russia and its war in Ukraine? And how could constraints such as debt and the coherence of the coalition challenge Meloni’s government? 

This podcast was recorded on 27 September 2022. 

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